Angel of Death

Live to Kill and Kill to Live
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 Thanx to: Megadeth - Prince Of Darkness

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Thanx to: Megadeth - Prince Of Darkness   Чет Юни 03, 2010 11:35 pm

The Devilish Serpent, The Prince of Darkness, The Doom Bringer, The Most Beautiful Angel, His Satanic Highness,

Gender: Male

Race: Devil

Affiliation: Himself

Location: Hell and Earth

Status: Eternal


* Advanced Regeneration
* Superhuman Senses
* Superhuman Speed
* Superhuman Strength
* Manipulation Of Gravity
* Shapeshifting
* Teleportation
* Telepathy
* Hypnosis
* Demonic Magic

"My victims are rich or poor, young or old, strong or weak
I cause millions of accidents, I am cancer in your bones
I fathered the lie, twist what you say, speak not the truth
I am insidious, impartial, deep inside your chromosomes

I take what you love, and leave you in tears
I imprison your soul, your hopes are my games
I strip you of pride, my promise is in vain
While you burn at the stake I dance with the flames

I bring poverty, sickness and death
A worthless handshake, the slickest thief, I steal your wealth
I answer your prayers for greed and lust
More than evil, I laugh at your trust

I am more powerful than all the armies of the world
I am more violent than violence, more deadly than death
I have destroyed more men than all the nation's wars
I am relentless, unpredictable, waiting for your last breath"
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Thanx to: Megadeth - Prince Of Darkness
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