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 Soul Eater

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Soul Eater Evans

Soul Eater Evansソウル・イーター・エヴァンスSōru Ītā EvansuSoul
Seiyū (Japanese)

* Sōichirō Hoshi (drama CD)
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* Kōki Uchiyama (anime)
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Voiced by (English)

* Micah Solusod
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Gender Male
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Classification Weapon
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, Death scythe
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Soul Eater Evans (ソウル・イーター・エヴァンス, Sōru Ītā Evansu), the Demon Scythe, or "Soul Eater" to his friends, is Maka's partner. He is the titular main male protagonist and weapon of the series.

* 1 Personality
* 2 Appearance
* 3 History
* 4 Abilities
o 4.1 Death Scythe Abilities
* 5 Relationships
o 5.1 Partner
o 5.2 Family
o 5.3 Shibusen
o 5.4 Other
* 6 Part in the Story
o 6.1 Prologue
o 6.2 Supplementary Lessons
o 6.3 The New Student and Soul Observation
o 6.4 Demon Sword Ragnarok
o 6.5 Seiken
o 6.6 The Soul That Persisted
o 6.7 Experiment
o 6.8 Written Exam
o 6.9 Foundation Commemoration
o 6.10 Fight to The Death
o 6.11 Daily Life
o 6.12 Experimenting School
o 6.13 Bodyguard
o 6.14 Snake
o 6.15 Reunion Express
o 6.16 The Corner of The Room
o 6.17 Duel Art
o 6.18 Brew
o 6.19 Internal Affairs
o 6.20 Decision
o 6.21 The Clown
o 6.22 Choice
o 6.23 Deal
o 6.24 Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle
o 6.25 Formation
o 6.26 I'm gonna be an Angel
o 6.27 Readiness
o 6.28 Black Feathers vs. White Feathers
o 6.29 Love Triangle
o 6.30 Business Trip
* 7 Trivia

edit Personality

Soul's personality is laid back and nonchalant, as he tries to mold himself to his expectations of how someone "cool" would act. He is almost a complete opposite to Maka, being calm, reserved and aloof. He often expresses how he feels about some situations by either claiming that something is "cool" or "not cool." Being a supposedly cool guy, he prefers to use the direct approach which most of the time fails (although after maturing, he no longer does this). He can sometimes become too driven by the thought of eating souls, which leads him to bicker with Maka or become impatient with her, but despite their squabbles, they are always able to maintain a solid friend-partner relationship. He may have feelings for her as he is "willing to die for his technician." He is also friends with Black Star because of their similar personalities, but at the same time they cannot match their wavelengths.

However, one thing he has gained from all the years of being "cool", is he is possibly one of the most loyal people one could possibly meet, especially since breaking promises and changing sides "isn't at all cool in the least." He is slightly aloof and detached from others, and he admits that he shares Crona's fear of bonding with people and he prefers to keep most of his problems to himself. At the DWMA anniversary party, he is seen outside on the balcony by himself rather than with the others, and does not tell Maka of his Black Blood infection and his dreams of Little Demon, although this is only because he does not want to worry her. Although he starts off as a slightly immature person, being headstrong, proud, stubborn and argumentative, with a strong desire to be a 'cool' person, after the rise of Asura, his personality matures by a great deal (mostly because of his awareness that he must grow mentally stronger to combat the strong insanity). He becomes more stoic and serious, and has possesses a good sense of judgment, which is well-respected by his peers. He has a greater awareness of the situations and people around him, sometimes lecturing people who are too stubborn to see some situations clearly (like Black Star and Maka). He also remains remarkably calm and composed in dire situations, and due to his problem with Black Blood, has a good degree of self-control. However, he has a weak point in that he bursts into a nosebleed when Blair flirts with him, showing his weakness towards women.

However, he seems to suffer from low esteem and is not confident in himself. He is saddened of his inferiority to Weapons like Justin and Giriko and has an inferiority complex towards his brother, Wes, who is a superior musician to him. He also conflicts frequently with Little Demon in his mind. He keeps most of these problems to himself, and seems reluctant to share his problem with others, which sometimes makes him appear harsh and almost cold.

In the first chapter of Lust in the Book of Eibon, Soul's personality undergoes a bit of a change to suit his switched gender. Although sarcastic as he usually is, he is also a little stuck-up and haughty, and his behaviour goes on to annoy his partner, Maka. His personality returns to normal after leaivng the first chapter. He quickly reverts to his true male appearance alongside Maka, which means he does not possess much lustful thoughts (which is ironic because of his constant nosebleeds upon seeing Blair's naked body).
Soul playing the Piano

Soul also has a talent for playing the piano. His technician, Maka, reveals that when they first met he played a dark song for her on the piano. Apart from this however, he is reluctant to play in front of people as he 'doesn't know what he's capable of.' The reason for his talents with the piano is that he was from a family of musicians. His brother, Wes, is a famous violinist. However, Soul wanted to break off from his family tradition of being a musician. When he found out he was able to turn into a scythe, he used his ability as a scapegoat in order to leave his family. Soul also claims that the songs he plays on the piano are one of insanity.
edit Appearance
Soul 'Eater' Evans
Soul as a girl

Soul has white hair swept to one side, and red eyes. He is known for his heavily exaggerated facial expressions and pointed teeth. He naturally has a lazy, droopy, and somewhat uninterested expression on his face, especially his eyes. He usually wears a yellow and black jacket, a sweatband around his head that has a sticker with his name on and a round logo featuring a red-lipped mouth bearing pointed fangs surrounded with the letters 'E-A-T', a pair of maroon pants, and yellow and black sneakers with a pattern resembling his teeth. In episode 14, it's revealed that he wears blue boxers with pictures of bones all over them (a reference to Ohkubo's previous manga, B. Ichi). When seen bare-chested or naked, it is shown that he has stitches on his torso. These are from the operation Professor Stein preformed after Crona attacked him during their first encounter. (I also assume you all know of his attractive appearance.)

His soul is light blue with the top resembling his hair and is also the Soul Eater series logo. It can be seen on his first jacket.

Beyond episode 25 and chapter 24, Soul wears a hairband with new clothing consisting of a black (apparently leather) jacket, an orange t-shirt with the logo on his sweatband emblazoned on the left breast (this may only be visible in episode 49 when he collapses) and a pair of light brown pants, instead of his original headband and old clothing.

In his Spartoi outfit, Soul has kept to his fondness of wearing a jacket. This time, it's a custom, white (possibly military) jacket, with the Spartoi logo on the left shoulder and a small belt strapped to the collar, for closing. Underneath the jacket, he wears a tucked-in, closed, white, dress-shirt with a tie. He is normally seen without the jacket on. He wears blue pants, white belt, and white shoes.

When he meets with the Little Ogre inside of him, Soul wears a pin-stripped black suit with a red shirt, black tie, and matching black shoes.

Upon entering the first Chapter of Lust in the Book of Eibon alongside Maka and other members of Spartoi, his appearance greatly changed in that his gender was switched to female for the remainder of the Chapter of Lust. In this form, he greatly resembles Maka, having long hair with a fluffy hairband visible beneath. He wears clothes similar to Maka's Spartoi outfit, with the sailor suit collar, with the difference that it is a dress and not a uniform.
Maka's soul (left) and Soul's soul (right)

edit History

Soul came from an extremely rich family of musicians. He had an older brother called Wes, a violinist, whom he suffered an inferiority complex to, and although he himself had a talent for playing the piano, he was reluctant to exhibit this talent because he constantly knew that Wes was better than him. After finding out that he was a Demon Weapon however, he found that he was able to escape from his family tradition as musicians and strive to become a Death Scythe instead. Evidence seems to show that he was the first Demon Weapon in the Evans family.

One day while playing the piano he was approached by Maka Albarn who had previously witnessed his ability to turn into a scythe. She asked him to become her partner and weapon as her dream was to make a Death Scythe for Shinigami-sama; emphasis on the word scythe, and as such had denied every possible weapon put in front of her at DWMA. Maka also stated Soul had felt like the first person she could trust, furthermore, preforming as Weapon/Meister should be figurativly easier. Soul accepted the agreement with the words "sure, sounds cool". From that point on the two worked together gathering Kishin Eggs prior to the beginning of the main story.

Soul seems to prefer to forget his past life as a musician, as he dislikes being called by his full name, including 'Evans.'
edit Abilities
Soul Eater - Partial transformation

Like most weapons, he can change a part of his body into his Weapon Form; in his case, he can transform his entire arm into the blade of a scythe, or partially transform it from the elbow downwards. Despite having the ability to perform a partial transformation, Soul's use and threat to the enemy is greatly reduced in the absence of his partner, although he has displayed decent combat skill, shown in the first encounter with Free where he stabbed the werewolf and managed to knock one of his ice attacks away to protect Maka. However, as stated by Kid, Soul's speed and slashing skills are of a low standard.

However, Soul has been shown to take advantage of Maka's Soul perception and Anti-Demon Wavelength. When resonating his soul with Maka's, he can sense souls as well as she can. When resonating, he shares the Anti-Demon Wavelength from Maka, protecting himself from insanity.

Soul is possessed by the Little Demon, which was born when he was infected with the Black Blood. Once the Black Blood is activated, Soul can allow it to invade the blood stream of those performing Soul Resonance with him. The Black Blood gives soul and his infected partner(s) immense strength, at the cost of Soul, and possibly his partner, plunging into madness. Soul only uses this strength as a last resort, althoug Little Demon constantly tempts him, playing on his dismay of not being a powerful Weapon on his own. However, as Soul gains more control over the insanity, he becomes gradually able to only draw out the strength from insanity, without falling into it himself. This does seem to strain him after overuse, however.

However, Soul possesses a unique talent, in his ability to create a resonance link with almost anyone, even if their Wavelengths are incredibly different. This is when his talent as a pianist comes in use. Inside the Black Room in his soul, he plays a piano, creating soundwaves and a rhythm that all the Soul Wavelengths of the resonating individuals can follow. His paino-playing thus creates an almost perfect resonance, and the team under his control can attack with great strength and fluidity in their movements. The team members of his resonance relies on him to maintain the resonance. Soul can also control their speed and efficiency in combat. By increasing the tempo of the song, the team members gian speed in their attacks, and by striking certain chords, their attack strength increases. He can also spread his partner Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength through his piano, sometimes through great distances (he needs a medium to send the soundwaves through for this to be possible, though).

Although this ability is invaluable, Soul risks falling deeper and deeper into insanity if he plays too long, and thus limits his playing time.
[edit] Death Scythe Abilities

* Form Manipulation: This allows Soul and Maka to change the appearance Soul's weapon form takes. To what extent is not yet know but they have been seen to "shrink" the blade that's present on the scythe.
* Flight: This allows Maka and Soul to create wings appear in their own image, enabling them to fly.

edit Relationships
[edit] Partner

Maka: Being Soul's Master or technician, their wavelengths are equally matched. Because of their conflicting personalities though, they frequently bicker over most things, and Soul gets annoyed sometimes at Maka's attitude and stubbornness, leading to conflict. However, they still have an incredibly strong friendship. Soul may have feelings for Maka as he is very protective of her, to the point that he is even willing to die for her, shown when he uses his own body to shield Maka from Crona's attack. In the anime, he also protects Maka from Asura's attack, getting knocked unconscious in the process. He is incredibly loyal, as even though he regards Maka's plans as far fetched from time to time, he still stays by her side. Soul also provides advice and guidance to Maka whenever she is confused or frustrated, although he is rather blunt with his words. He becomes saddened when he realizes that he cannot fight for Maka when she is unable to, and perseveres alongside his Meister to become stronger for Maka's sake. He often refers to Maka as a 'cool' partner, and even occasionally says that she is an 'amazing' partner.

Upon entering the first Chapter of the Book of Eibon, Soul had his gender switched, his appearance a manifestation of what interested and enticed him in the opposite sex. In this form, he looks similar to Maka, implying further that he has feelings for her. Also, in the first chapter of the book of Eibon He is shown to be quite jealous when Maka's nose bleeds because of the Succubus. In the newer chapters, he blushes from time to time when he's with her. They both think they don't deserve to be each others meister or weapon. Soul and Maka were even holding hands as they were walking through the Sloth chapter of the Book of Eibon. He was very shocked when Maka told him she didn't deserve to be his partner.
[edit] Family

Wes Evans: Soul's older brother, who was introduced through one of his flashbacks in chapter 55 of the manga. Wes seems to show a bit of interest in Soul's weapon abilities. Soul seems to hold a high respect for Wes as he often remarks that Wes's musical abilities are far above his own. That said, Wes was also known as being a talented violinist. He hasn't made any appearances in the anime.

Granny: In a flashback of Soul's, Wes Evans mentioned their grandmother, a musician as well, was surprised that a weapon's blood was running in Soul's veins. (none of souls family made an apperance in the anime)
[edit] Shibusen

Black Star: Black Star and Soul have a close friendship with each other as Soul is willing to even let Black Star wield him. Though their wavelengths did not match they still remain friends and are willing to fight alongside each other along with their partners.

Death the Kid: Soul and Death the Kid respect each other for their abilities but there isn't a direct interaction between the two characters; so, while they may not be close friends they are allies that work well together.
[edit] Other

Blair: Despite Blair being the sole reason why Maka and Soul have to restart the quest to create a Death Scythe, he has allowed Blair to live with him and Maka. He doesn't seem to appreciate Blair's presence in the house because she tends to wear little or even no clothing. This causes him to either pass out from a nose bleed or to be attacked by Maka, which still results in him passing out.

Crona and Ragnarök: The only real interaction Soul shows with this pair is that he acknowledges that he and Crona have the same fear of getting close to people. Other than that it is unknown just how close he is to them, but considering Soul's unwillingness to open up about himself he may wish to help Maka in any way to save these two souls.

Little Ogre: After being exposed to Ragnarok's black blood, the Little Ogre made his appearance inside of Soul's mind. He often appears when Soul and Maka are in dire need of help, tempting them to use the Black Blood inside. His goal is most likely to take control of both Soul and Maka by plunging them into "madness", leaving only him. In the anime, he makes his last appearance after Soul accepts the Little Ogre is a part of himself and eats him whole.
edit Part in the Story
[edit] Prologue

The story began with Soul and Maka capturing their 99th Kishin egg from "Jack the Ripper", where they were then ordered by Shinigami-sama to collect a witch's soul which would then make Soul a full blown death scythe. This resulted in his first encounters with Blair in the bath tub, shortly followed by the traditional nose bleed from Soul even though he claimed "As a cool guy I'm used to seeing women naked." However from his reaction it was kinda obvious he wasn't. He and Maka then attempted to take Blair's soul, however they did not even lay a finger on her as she had already prepped her "Halloween Cannon" Which shortly sent them flying. Their next attempt did not fair much better, nor the one after that. However on the fourth Soul decided to pull the old fake switch and pretended to be on Blair's side... right up until the point he turned his right arm into the blade of his scythe. He and Maka then killed Blair shortly before Soul devoured Blair's witch soul only to find out it was one of her nine cat souls, meaning he'd just lost the 99 Kishin eggs he and Maka had collected.
[edit] Supplementary Lessons

After Soul and Maka meet up with Black Star and Tsubaki, they learn that a Shibusen teacher has been missing and rumors have gone around that he might be a zombie attacking students. Maka is frightened by Soul Eater's retelling of the stories but tries to write them off as meaningless rumors. Because of their joint remedial lessons, the foursome goes to a graveyard to hunt the zombie and learn who made it. After they reach the graveyard, they encounter the now undead Sid and a battle soon ensues between the students and teacher. This fight is the first time in which Maka uses her Witch Hunter attack, resulting in a near-death experience for Black Star after she missteps and incorrectly aims. Ultimately, the four are able to narrowly capture Sid, who then reveals that Dr. Stein was the reason behind his current condition.

The four then proceed to Stein's lab to encounter and deal with the source of the problem. After a rather bemusing introduction, it is concluded that the only way to resolve the issues is to defeat Stein. It is only when the fight begins that Stein reveals just why he earned his reputation as a strong fighter, by easily taking on the team single handed. Maka rightfully begins to fear Stein and this is only furthered when she observes his far stronger soul. It appears that she is frozen by her fear but after some reassuring words from Soul, the two attack again and successfully connect with Witch Hunter. Unfortunately Stein is still able to over power the attack but when the two seem to be doomed Stein reveals that the lesson is now ended. From this point onwards Stein becomes Maka's teacher.
[edit] The New Student and Soul Observation

There is constant talk concerning Kid's enrollment in Shibusen. Soul is seen with Black Star waiting for Kid to appear. Kid, however, is three hours late, as he spent the entire time making certain that everything was perfectly symmetrical before his departure. When Kid finally does arrive, he immediately begins to admire the supreme symmetry of the school building; however, he is quickly devastated when Black Star ruins the symmetry by standing on and breaking ones of the spikes protruding out the main skull structure. This greatly angers Kid and he prepares to do battle with Black Star. Black Star accepts, while at the same time dragging Soul into the battle.

During battle, Kid uses his twin pistols with great dexterity and handles both Soul and Black Star with extreme ease. The fight soon attracts the attention of the students inside the school, which leads to Maka, Tsubaki and Stein having to go outside to deal with it.

During the battle, Black Star and Soul decide to attempt to actually work together as a weapon and meister pairing. Despite their attempt, it fails horribly with Soul landing on Black Star in scythe form and Black Star being unable to lift Soul due to the horrible connection they have between their souls.

Angered by their failed attempts, Soul and Black Star choose to break up as partners but decide to remain as close friends. While they are hugging, Kid shoots them both in the head. As the two get back up, they decide to renew their attacks on Kid, but separately this time. Black Star manages to grab Kidd’s leg and pulls him onto the ground, Soul seizes the opportunity to slash at Kid. Kid narrowly avoids this and breaks free from Black Star's grasp, all the while pulling Black Star into an embarrassing blow to his head. Kid responds to this barrage by performing a soul resonance with Liz and Patty. He then gets into Execution mode and performs Death Cannon. This creates a large explosion that knocks both Soul and Black Star out.

Kid, surprisingly, loses consciousness too for seemingly unknown reasons. It is then revealed by Maka that, when Soul attempted to slash at Kid, he had cut some of Kid’s bangs, with Kid not noticing the broken symmetry until after the explosion. Soul and Black Star both agree that this was their "win from behind".

Soul is there to see Shinigami take Kid home.
[edit] Demon Sword Ragnarok
Soul takes the blow for Maka

On a mission to Italy, Maka detects an unusual soul reaction within a church and decides to investigate, believing it to be another meister and weapon. The two do encounter a person and weapon but it is revealed they killed all the people present, they then proceed to attack Maka and Soul. Maka and Soul put up a good fight but are overpowered due to the abilities of Crona's Black Blood. Just when it looks like Soul is about to be finished while protecting Maka, Stein and Spirit appear and begin to fight. Eventually they are successful and but the sudden appearance of a witch, Medusa, allows Crona to escape. Unbeknown to everyone, Soul's bloodstream is invaded by black blood during the fight against Crona and Ragnarok.
[edit] Seiken

Soul is having a horrible dream that depicts him flowing endlessly through a dark void while experiencing pain. Through this void, he then sees a light and attempts to reach for it, apparently hearing Maka's voice calling for him. When he reaches it, though, he finds himself somehow unified with Maka. He immediately wakes up and finds Maka next to him. Maka asks if she can do anything for Soul; Soul replies with a no. Maka is noticeably saddened by this. Soul tries to cheer her up by saying it's his fault he is in this condition. This only saddens her more as she makes her leave.
[edit] The Soul That Persisted

Soul is in the infirmary being checked up by Medusa. When Medusa asks how he is feeling, Soul begins recalling his past dreams which involved him being in a black room, listening to jazz music and conversing with an ogre and, every time he would try to leave and follow a bright light in the darkness, he finds himself coming out of Maka's abdomen and killing her. Medusa states that he fine and that having the same dream is normal.

During the party being thrown for Soul's recovery, Maka senses a Witches soul wavelength. Soul later catches up with her. Maka then places her hand on Soul's chest and tells Stein she has found a way to make her soul stronger.
[edit] Experiment

Maka decides that, due to their previous encounter, both she and Soul should undergo special training with Stein to become stronger but the two end up arguing between themselves. This has the effect of de-synchronizing the bond between them.

The next mission takes Maka and Soul to London, where they, along with Black Star and Tsubaki encounter Free. A battle between Free and the group begins on Tower Bridge. Due to the uneasiness present between Soul and his partner, Maka, she is unable to wield him, as she would suffer burns. and instead fights using Tsubaki. When this proves to be ineffective she makes the decision to use Soul and become stronger even if it hurts her in the process. The two resolve their issues by listening to and understanding each others opinions, allowing them to fight at full strength. After using Soul Resonance to attack with Witch Hunter and achieve some damage. This soul resonance, however, galvanized the black blood into spreading into Maka's bloodstream. Following this attack, Maka tackles Free and pushes him off the bridge in order to defeat him and, before she can fall to her doom, Soul makes it in time to save her.
[edit] Written Exam

Shibusen is issuing an important exam, with the promise that whoever scores the highest will attain a Death Scythe. Back at the apartment, Soul is occupied on cheating on the test, though is temporarily disturbed once Blair enters, with nearly no clothing on.

During test day, Soul is confident that he will pass, as he had hidden cheat sheets on every inch of his body. In a moments notice, though, he is caught and stripped of his clothing, save for his pants, by Sid. Realizing has no chance of passing the test, he decides to cheat off of Kid's answers — but Kid is still busy writing his name perfectly. Soul decides to look at the person to his left — Patti — but she is busy scribbling with crayons. He then turns to a beaten-up Black Star, who begins writing with his blood. Soul believes he is writing the answers, but is shocked to find that Black Star ultimately wrote down his signature. At this point, Soul simply gives up.

In the end, Soul accumulated only 35 points.
[edit] Foundation Commemoration

Soul is with his friends celebrating the foundation of Shibusen. Later on, he is seen outside by himself looking at the night sky. Maka comes to see him and ask if anything is wrong; she then asks if he wishes to dance with her. He declines, but when Spirit enters and asks Maka to dance with him Soul uses this opportunity to let them dance together. As Maka leaves, she tells Soul to watch her food. He immediately realizes that the food was actually for him and not for her.

Later on, Soul witnesses Medusa and her followers trap Shinigami and everyone else in the party with a space-time spell. Sid manages to perform Compulsive Burial to send Soul and his friends away from the magic's area of influence. Stein informs them on the situation and asks if everyone wishes to back out in the upcoming battle. Everyone tacitly declines and prepares for battle.
[edit] Fight to The Death

Soul is first seen having a conversation with the Little Ogre, who tries to entice him into falling to madness, though quickly fails. Later on, Maka manages to get past Medusa, along with the rest of her friends, save for Stein, who stays behind to battle Medusa.

Maka would should catch up to Black Star, who was just about to engage Crona in a battle. Maka decides that she will face Crona instead. As the battle progresses, Maka and Soul soon find Crona and his/her black blood to be too difficult to overcome. Maka and Soul perform Soul Resonance and uses Witch Hunt. Crona counters by using Screech Alpha, overcoming Maka once again. During this, the Little Ogre attempts to call out to Soul. When Maka is on her knees, Soul gives in, though states he won't lose his reasoning. The Little Ogre does not support Soul's resolve, though — thinking it is impossible to achieve great strength while bounded by reasoning.

The disagreement eventually brings the Ogre to bring in Maka, who after some banter, begins to dance with Soul. During the dance, Maka and Soul discuss the situation they are in. Maka wishes to resonate with Crona — which she can only do by allowing Soul to give in to his madness, temporarily. Soul agrees, as Maka is the one who decides.

Back in the real world, Maka is driven by madness, giving her unprecedented abilities that allows her to fight equally against Crona. As the battle goes on, Soul is slowly loosing himself to his madness. Maka, however, takes advantage of this current state and manages to match her wavelength with that of Crona's, allowing Maka to find her way within Crona's consciousness. Crona reacts violently, prompting Maka to retreat. Soul manages to help her out.

Maka begins to understand Crona's wavelength and realizes that Crona has always lacked physical contact. Their fight ends with Maka asking to become Crona's friend. Soul is watching nearby. It reminds of his fear of reaching out to people, too.

Later on, Maka senses the awakening of the Kishin and rushes to help the others. Maka would soon appear to grab after one of Asura's scarves as he leaves his imprisonment. A falling debris hits Maka, releasing her grip. Soul transform to his human form and catches Maka as the two fall back down. After the event, Soul is seen carrying Maka on his back.
[edit] Daily Life

The kids are seen preparing to play basketball. Due to a shortage of one player, they force Maka into joining the game. Soul brings up the idea of a bet, for each of the teams respective captain to follow if they lose. If Kid's team lose, they will put the paintings on Kid's walls in his Mansion off by 2 cm; if Maka's team loses, she has to go shopping with her father. Ultimately, Kid's team wins, and Maka has to go shopping with her father.
[edit] Experimenting School

Maka comes to Crona's holding to visit her after asking Sid for permission. Maka enters Crona's room to get her out. After some talking Maka and Crona go to class. Later on, Maka, Soul and Crona are sent on a mission to the Czech Republic, Loew Village after an incident involving the Oldest Golem. There, the gang ask around about the event with no results. They soon meet a man named Shou who promises to tell them about the incident.

While walking the gang is attacked by the Oldest Golem. Soul transform into his scythe form. Maka then notices the Golem has a soul wavelength. At this point, the man named Shou transforms into his weapon form and partners withe the Oldest Golem. The Golem goes after Maka and quickly overwhelms her. Maka then convinces Ragnarok into helping her. With that, the two team up and battle the enemy. Maka manages to cut the golem and, immediately after dealing the strike, a large amount of web shoots out of the opening and paralyzes her. This forces Crona to defend her when the golem strikes, though Maka is still sent flying to a wall, bewildered at the current situation. Soul transform to his human form to check Maka. He discovers spider strings covering Maka's body. Soon spiders begin appearing from all corners, congregating on the golem, eventually forming Arachne.

The battle soon seems hopeless, as Crona is overwhelmed by Giriko, who was ordered by Arachne to kill him/her. Before Crona can be beheaded, Justin Law makes it in time to prevent it. Maka, along with Soul, watch the battle between Justin and Giriko and — when Giriko escapes with Arachne — the battle between Justin and the Oldest Golem. As Just finishes, Soul is in quiet awe at Justin's ability to fight without a partner, noting his worthlessness without a meister.

After Justin defeats the golem, He carries Maka off inside a coffin.
[edit] Bodyguard

Soul is in the school infirmary, with his group of friends, attending to Maka. He is next seen, with Black Star, listening to the conversation between Sid and Nygus. Black Star decides to follow Sid to Arachne's facility with the intent to destroy it. Though Soul protests, Black Star remains bent on avenging Maka. Soul then decides that he'll go with him, but Black Star tells him to stay with Maka.

In Soul's consciousness, the Little Ogre attempts to coax Soul to Madness, but fails.
[edit] Snake

Maka recovered from her condition and is seen in Stein's class as he is about to start a lesson. The lesson is about Duel Arts and he plans to teach the class by using Black Star, Maka and Soul, and Ox and Harvar to fight against himself. During the battle, Black Star is subject to many accidental assaults by both Ox and Maka, with Ox accounting for the lion's share of the assaults. At one point, Maka was accidentally shocked by Ox, too. Maka then watches the angered Black Star challenge and defeat Ox for his actions.
[edit] Reunion Express

Soul and Maka is seen at a party with all their other friends thrown in celebration for Maka's recovery. Soul is then seen with all the others comforting Crona. Later, Maka attempts to coax Soul to play the piano. Soul is not enthused and excuses himself to the bathroom.
[edit] The Corner of The Room

The group again try to make Soul play the piano for them. Their efforts still remain fruitless.
[edit] Duel Art

Soul is with Maka and the others waiting for Black Star, to practice their team soul resonance. Stein warns them that if they don’t pass, then they’ll be removed from his class. With this said, Maka warns Black Star in particular to do this properly, but he insists that he always does. Despite this, the three students fail multiple times, and angers Maka. She believes that Black Star is the blight of the team resonance. She starts arguing with him, but Kid steps in between them, and Stein decides to give them a break to cool down.

Maka confronts Stein with the purport of removing Black Star from the team. She fails at this and returns to the group. Black*Star then accuses her of tattling to Stein and being selfish. This infuriates Maka, bringing her to try to punch him, though fails. Kid attempts to intervene, but Soul stops him. She tries to punch him again, and this time, Black Star allows her to hit him. Black Star then warns Maka that, if it goes on any further, it’d be a duel, and he would be sure to crush her. With that said, Maka curses at the top of her lungs and runs off in tears.

Maka is soon visited by Tsubaki. After some talking Maka cheers up. At this point Soul appears. Maka questions him on whether or not he is here just to laugh at her. initially, Soul says nothing, then says he will do it after they've mastered lesson. With that said, they return to the group. There, Maka apologizes to Black Star. The group resumes their training and succeed. During the execution, the Little Demon confronts Soul, once again attempts to have Soul use his power. Soul rejects, as he enjoys the feeling of the team resonance's beat. Stein then makes Maka the leader of the group. Later that night as they’re heading home, Maka lets Black*Star hit her to make up for how she hit him earlier. To everyone's surprise — Soul in particular, who believes it was not "Cool" — he ends up hitting her hard and, though apparently bruised, Maka smiles and says "Ouch".
[edit] Brew

Soul, Kid, Black Star, Ox, Kilik, and Kim and their respective partners is the group of kids chosen for fighting to obtain Brew before Arachnophobia.

When the grownups take too long to appear, the group begins to worry. Ox, Kilik, and Kim decide to stay behind and take care of the forces opposing them. With that, Maka, Black Star, and Kid enter the vortex. The first thing they notice is Death.

Kid explains that what they see is Shinigami from the grim times, before he built Shibusen. The group then hurries to the pyramid. When they reach, they notice a large mass of witches — one of them being Arachne. They hear Arachne speak about blowing up the island and everything relating to BREW. The group proceeds and soon meet Marie and Stein. Because Marie and Stein are overstaying, the Kids decide that they will take on the mission of retrieving Brew.

They eventually bump into Mosquito, carrying Brew. He then reverts to his from from 100 years ago and prepares to battle them. Before the battle can start, though, a hologram of Eibon appears. Black Star decides not to waste time and attacks Mosquito, ignoring the presence of Eibon. Maka follows suit and, eventually, Kid brings himself to ignore Eibon and attacks Mosquito, too. None of their attacks, however, are penetrating the tough hide of Mosquito. Mosquito then uses his immense strength to overpower the kids. Soul begins to realize the gravity of the situation they are in. The Little Ogre appears and attempts to goad Soul into releasing the Black Blood. Soul is worried it may spread to his teammates but the Ogre assures him otherwise. Soul then commands the attention of his teammates — telling them to perform a team resonance, with sound as the medium. Soul will play the piano in his Soul, which will transmit directly into their souls.
Soul playing the piano.

Soul plays the piano — giving the kids a rush of power, and enabling them to maneuver flawlessly around each other without saying a word. They are easily able to overcome Mosquito with both their speed and strength. Ultimately, their combined strength allows the to damage Mosquito and Kid manages to connect a death cannon, which destroys both of Mosquito's arms. Before they can finish him off, Soul ceases his playing, advising them to leave as their time limit for staying on the island is almost up.

On their way out, they meet up with Kilik and Ox, who help escort them out of the field. They leave and watch how the Pyramid is destroyed by an explosion, though that, too, was a hologram from years past. When they exit the vortex they are greeted by a distraught Marie, who hugs them all for making it out safe, but soon threatens that they will all have a talking with her back at Shibusen.

Maka calls Shinigami and reports in on the failed mission.
[edit] Internal Affairs

Maka is with Soul saying bye to Crona as they head home. While walking, Maka remembers that left left her notebook at lecture hall. She tells Soul to go home and boil the rice. When Maka returns to the apartment, Souls noticees the lateless and the lack of a book.
[edit] Decision

In Maka and Soul's apartment, Soul wishes Maka a goodnight. Maka pays him no mind, preoccupied with her thoughts of Crona. Souls senses something amiss and asks her if something is wrong. Maka responds with a yes. Soul asks if it is something he should know about. Maka says she will tell him tomorrow.
[edit] The Clown

Maka and Soul head towards a factory located in Russia, after they excepted an extracurricular lesson to solve an incident taking place there, which required pairs with Soul Perception.

After being abandoned by Death the Kid, who decided to search for a 'suitable' entrance to the factory but found himself unable to enter due to being crippled by his O.C.D. compulsions, Maka, Soul, and Blair are forced to search the building alone. During their search, they are ambushed by the Flying Dutchman but Blair is able to save the group and proceeds to follow him as he makes his escape. It is at this point that the Clown is first mentioned, being stated as "the one who will give the people their freedom". The Clown then decides to make it's entrance, even after receiving advice not to attack as it couldn't capture Maka so easily, introducing itself anyway.

Maka begins to sense the similarity between the Clown's own soul and that of Asura's, but how this one was small yet absorbing and sucking in everything. Before she can deduce anymore, the Clown attacks and a large battle ensues. Eventually the Clown's soul begins to effect Maka and she is sucked into it's madness, any efforts to save her are blocked as pipes surround the pair. Maka is forced to see visions of the deaths of her friends and family, in an attempt to drag her deeper into the madness. Due to the influence of Soul's wavelength, Maka's courage allows her to break free of the illusions.

This new found courage causes her abilities to evolve and now being faced with Majin Hunt, even at full strength, the Clown's abilities are no match. It is eventually defeated but before it's soul can be consumed, it disappears in a shower of ribbons.
[edit] Choice

Maka and Soul return from their mission. After some brief talking, Kim and Jackie arrive, too. They they are soon surrounded by numerous officials. When one attempts to arrest them, the two take off.
[edit] Deal

Maka uses her father's I.D. to visit Medusa in her prison cell. There, she asks Medusa of Crona's whereabouts, though Medusa fails to give her any answer relating to the question. Soul decides that it is best to just leave.
[edit] Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

Maka, kirikou, Ox, and their respective weapons are chosen for the assault squad for the operation of taking over Arachnophobia. Kid and his two partners are chosen to be Medusa's bodyguards. After the operation details are discussed, they proceed with the mission, towards South America Amazon River Basin. They eventually make it into the castle after defeating a large squid. Immediately, Maka' soul perception activates and she senses two people. Kid reassures her that the two are a Death Scythe and his meister. After traversing through the castle some more, the group camp out. Maka uses the opportunity to interrogate Medusa about Crona. Medusa states that the reason she is waging war against Arachne is because she took Crona to be used as a sacrifice. Maka believes this. When she returns to Soul, he reminds her not to place too much trust on Medusa.

The next day, they continue and soon meet Eruka, who gives them Arachnophobia uniforms to disguise in. When the group make it into the center of the castle, they find that everyone is dressed exactly as they are. Soon, they all become confused and eventually lose each other — each getting into their own trouble. Soul in particular gets hit in his jewels by Angela. They soon meet up with Medusa and are thrilled.

Medusa begins to discuss the plan: Taking down all eight locks preventing people from entering Arachne's room. After performing Vectoral conduct on them, Medusa leaves them to follow the arrows pointing to their respective lock. Kid is given lock 8. Maka chooses to act as Medusa's bodyguard in Kid's stead, stating that, if Medusa does anything untoward, she will not hesitate to attack her.

Maka, Soul, and Medusa are seen in front of the door leading to Arachne's room. With the magical barrier preventing their entry lifted, Maka uses the opportunity to sense for Crona's wavelength. She is interrupted, though, when Arachne's magical threads assaults them. Soul is next seen as a puppet--on the floor and helpless. The Little Ogre appears out of Soul's shadow. The Little Ogre begins to scoff Soul--telling him that his current state is who he truly is, and not the "cool" person he so strives to be. Soul recalls past moments with his brother. How he felt he would never be as good as his brother and how he used his then-discovered weapon abilities as an escape from his family. The ogre then reminds him of his Soul's positive traits, but quickly jeers him when he does not reply to his question. He forsakes Soul, leaving him helpless and calling him a coward for choosing a path to follow through simple elimination, having no clear decision on a path himself. Soul begins to cry for help. As he does this, an image of Arachne above him begins to pull him upward and comforting him. Soul is elated and believes he has been saved. Maka then appears and "cuts" the strings--freeing Soul from Arachne. Soul thinks to himself, and promises to become stronger, for Maka's sake, as she has always helped him through the darkness. They then enter the room. Maka uses her soul perception to locate Arachne. When they find her, though, Arachne is seen sitting down, lifeless.

Soul asks Maka what she thinks of the situation. She replies that she can feel the madness flowing through the room. Suddenly, the darkness begins to spread and attack the three. Medusa tries to contain it using her vector arrows, but fails. Medusa and Arachne then begin to communicate, with each insulting the other. The conversation ends when Arachne performs a mental attack that immediately defeats Medusa. After that, Arachne begins to attack Maka. Despite Maka's attempts, all her attacks seem to just flow through Arachne, due to her formless state. Maka and Soul both agree that they should use Majin Hunt.

Maka soon notices that Arachne is trying to overcome everyone in the vicinity of the castle with madness. Soul wonders why the madness is not affecting him. The Little Ogre appears explains to him. Maka then proposes a resonance link. Soul questions the procedure to spread Maka's wavelength to everyone. When the Ogre, brings up Arachne's webs, Soul hatches an idea. He proposes spreading Maka's anti-demon wavelength to everyone around the castle via the network of spider threads Arachne spanned to spread the madness into everyone's heads. Soul plays the piece his brother, Wes was always playing--The Meditation of Souls. to facilitate the transmission of Maka's wavelength. This works out to be a success. They even manage to transmit the anti-demon wavelength to Arachne, forcing her to severe the network. With this now done, Maka and Soul perform soul resonance — activating Majin Hunt and donning a dress made of black blood.

Playing the piano set off Soul's madness and activated the black blood, which formed into a dress. They decide to take advantage of it before it wears off and attacks Arachne. The dress acted as an armor against Arachne's attacks. With a powerful scythe coupled with an armor, Maka was able to reach Arachne and deliver a powerful swipe, defeating Arachne. Maka's attention is quickly changed to Crona's whereabouts. She then notices Medusa's body, but senses a normal soul. She then senses another reaction and turns her attention to Arachne's body, which is now possessed by Medusa. Maka is immediately attacked by Medusa. Medusa reveals that she used Crona as an incentive for Maka's cooperation. Medusa then states that Maka's abilities are a threat to her and the worlds progress to madness. Before Medusa can finish Maka, she is attacked by Enrique. The Death Scythe Tezca Tlipoca then enters and warns Medusa of the oncoming Shibusen forces. Medusa takes him up on the advice and leaves. Before leaving, Maka asks where Crona is. Medusa tells her to give, going on to say that the Crona she knows no longer exists and that she will never give Crona up. Maka punches the ground in anger and sulks.
[edit] Formation
Soul in his Death Scythe Form

Soul is in weapon form with Maka, preparing to engage in battle against Frey D. Sadoko. Maka easily defeats the evil human, and Soul claims his final evil soul.

Soul is seen in Shinigami's room. When Stein reveals the new group's name, Soul questions why the name was changed. Shinigami answers his question. After Maka hugs Stein, Spirit hands Soul Arachne's witch soul and congratulates him. Soul consumes the witch soul and, with that, forms the group, Spartoi.
[edit] I'm gonna be an Angel

After becoming a Death scythe, Maka and Soul begin to understand what exactly that means. They are seen outside with Marie, and Kim flying. Maka suggests that because Soul is a Death Scythe now, that he should be able to fly with ease. Marie objects telling them that becoming a Death Scythe isn't something so simple. She continues, the advance wavelength control that a Death Scythe obtains from a witch's soul can grant magical abilities. If she can use the Grigori form her soul takes and imply it with all of that, they may be able to manifest wings. In beginning the training, Soul transforms into a Scythe. He has a slightly different from now, more so where they "eye" is located. They are then told their souls must be synchronized in order to complete the task. They must both focus on the same image, what was chosen was Kim flying. While doing this, the scythe blade on Soul shrank. Marie explains that form manipulation is basic for a Death Scythe and that they must have decided that it wasn't necessary. After, both Maka and Soul create wings at the end of Soul's head(scythe). Soul, upon being told to imagine Maka as an angel, instead thinks of the somewhat negative things she's done. Maka then starts spinning upside down in circles until they both fall. They argue about who's fault it is. Maka then rants about how she wanted angel wings instead of the spiky ones that appeared. They argue again which leads to Maka saying she wished she was partnered with Ox. Soul doesn't understand this as Ox is a meister. They are then later called by Spirit to discuss something.
[edit] Readiness

Soul is seen once again with Maka practicing flying with Kim. Prior to this, Spirit spoke to them about the many enemies they have such as the witches(more specifically Medusa), the new group Noah has formed, and the Kishin. Spirit warned them that they too aim to take out talented people on their side, meaning Maka is also a target. Maka's advance Soul Perception is the reason for her being targeted, and that it is their trump card against the Kishin. Spirit explains that Shibusen must protect Maka at all costs. After making a remark about her father, Maka leaves the room. Spirit then asks Soul to watch over Maka. Going back to the training, Soul tells Maka that he believes her father cares more about her safety than her ability. They then continue on talking about the many responsibilities they have still to do, such as saving Kid. Soul remarks that he is not ready and Maka become extremely surprised. Maka senses another force approaching and urges Kim to head on without them. Gopher then appears in the sky, armed and ready to kill Maka.

The three engage in battle, Gopher overwhelming Soul and Maka with his tremendous speed. Not too soon after, Gopher charges up a powerful attack in the center of his chest, aimed at Maka. Soul and Maka manage to dodge the attack with the mountain behind taking the impact. Soul remarks that Gopher is not ordinary, Maka then explains that Gopher also has the same Angel type Grigori soul as she does, but filled with evil magic. Gopher then launches another barrage of attacks at the two. Soul and Maka attempt to attack but are once again out matched in speed and take a hit by Gopher's barrage. Soul begins to talk about their difference in speed and it may be helpful if they bring the fight to the ground. After an outburst by Maka, the two perform a Soul Resonance, creating new wings, and prepare to continue the fight.
[edit] Black Feathers vs. White Feathers

With the new wings and a newly resolved Maka, Soul is confident in Maka winning the battle. The new set of wings allow Maka to easily evade Gophers Bullet Wings to secure both a punch and a Witch-Hunt Slash. With the hits connecting, Soul expresses tacit glee and for the first time calls Maka an angel.

Angered that his body has been damaged, Gopher releases his stomach cannon, specifically infused with his hatred of Maka. Soul recommends that Maka gains distance between them. His advice is useless, though, because the ball of energy has the ability to track down the person to whom Gophers hatred is directed towards. With this realization, both Maka and Soul agree to use Majin Hunt. In doing so, Maka manages to cut through the blast and, in continuing their attack, manages to cut Gopher, too. The wound is superficial, which prompts Soul to question Maka's reason for not killing Gopher. Maka replies that Gopher is not on Shinigami's list. Both Soul and Maka watch as Gopher escapes using a page from Eibon's Book.
[edit] Love Triangle

At the Shibusen back-lot, Soul is in-front of an unnamed girl, apparently there because she called him there. When Soul asks her for her reason, she stutters then shouts out her desire to be his partner before running off. In the next scene, as Soul opens his locker, a slew of letters fall out the locker. Maka appears and is amazed by the amount of letters Soul is receiving from people who wish to be his partner. Soul says that it's because he became a Death Scythe that he is receiving so many letters. Maka pats him on the back--albeit with much force--and tells him "Let's go home." While walking, Maka talks about how she is not receiving application letters despite being the one who made Soul into a Death Scythe. Soul blames it on Maka's lack of a sex appeal. They both then notice Blair and two familiar witches.
[edit] Business Trip

Soul and Maka watch as Blair, Risa and Arisa walking around propositioning themselves to various Shibusen students. Souls asks if it's okay if witches can saunter around the streets. Maka answers by telling him that Marie is with them, so it must be okay. This does not stop their inquisitive minds, for Soul and Maka are seen hiding in a hallway, watching the closed door, to try and figure out what was going on. The two eventually watch Marie storm out of the room in an angry fit. Soul soon wishes to leave, but Maka wants to stay. They see Black Star and Tsubaki enter walking and Black Star kicking the door open. Soul soon becomes bored and calls this a waste of time.

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