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Live to Kill and Kill to Live
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 The Black Clown

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Kael'thas Sunstrider


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ПисанеЗаглавие: The Black Clown   Нед Юни 06, 2010 8:35 pm

The body of the Black Clown is entirely composed of Black Blood,
offering it significant physical resistance to most forms of attack. It
is able to manipulate this unique material body to produce various

  • Evaporation: During it's first appearance, the Black
    Clown demonstrated the ability to emerge silently from the ground,
    without inflicting any damage to the immediate area. It was later
    revealed; that to do so it undergoes a process of liquification, which
    it refers to as "evaporating", before forcibly asborbing itself
    into the ground. When reforming itself after conducting this technique,
    it appears as a black mass composed of numerous vector arrows, before
    assuming it's actual body
  • Wavelength of Madness: The soul of the Black Clown
    projects a significant aura of madness into the surrounding area;
    although notably not as strong as those belonging to either Arachne or an authentic Clown,
    it still subjects victims to intense images of their skin bubbling,
    before subsequently liquifying and dripping off of their very limbs.
    These wavelengths are also capable of jamming signals, within the area
    of it's effect.
  • Bloody Needle: The Black Clown is able to use Bloody Needle, due to to its Black Blood compostion, as a form of immediate counter-attack to any strikes made against it.
  • Vector Arrow: The Black Clown possesses a variation of Medusa's Vector Arrow,
    which are produced from underneath the cloak draped over it's
    shoulders. However, the amount of 'arrows' produced is substantially
    less, giving more oppertunity for the opponent to evade the attack.
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Тhompson sisters

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One Day..
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The Black Clown
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