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Live to Kill and Kill to Live
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He is by far the most powerful character in the series — with Asura being the only other character that can match him in power.

Shinigami "Jets"


  • Shinigami Jets: This has yet to be confirmed to be an
    ability for Shinigami or just an item at his disposal. Either way, it
    has been shown to give shinigami the ability to fly.

  • Change in mass/Stretch: Shinigami is also seen with the ability to change his size and shape. This is seen when he is damaged by Asura and is left with holes in him. It is also seen in his second fight in the anime with Asura when he uses numerous punches from afar, and also enlarges the palm of his left hand to block an attack from Asura.


Stand-alone attacks

Shinigami Chop

  • Shinigami Chop: Unlike his "Direct Noggin Shinigami
    Chop" this chop is used for battle, not punishing people's silly
    antics. This attack had enough power to hit Asura into the ground and
    cause a small crater upon impact.
  • Shockwaves: Shinigami used a blast of energy to
    counter one of Asura's attacks. After stopping the attack, shockwaves
    traveled down Asura's skin scarfs and attacked him directly. Asura
    called this shockwaves, or he may have been referring to the nature of
    the attack.
  • Shadow Skull Arms: Shinigami calls out four shadowy
    claws from his body, with black skulls at the end of them. The nature
    of this attack is unknown since it failed to connect. It can be assumed
    that the attack probably slashes or grabs an opponent. Before Shinigami
    used this attack, he said he would rip off Asura's skin again,
    suggesting this may have been the attack he used to rip off Asura's
    skin in the first place.
  • Punch: As opposed to chopping, he can throw a straight
    punch. He has incredible range with this because he can extend his arms
    to very long distances.

Defensive abilities

  • Skull Shield: Shinigami creates a shield that resembles
    his mask to protect himself. He can also use the shield offensively as
    he used it to try and crush Asura in his fight with him.

Skull Shield

  • Hands: Shinigami's hands are very strong and able to
    deflect Asura's energy blasts. He normally does not display hands, they
    appear at his sides when he is attacking or defending with them. He can
    alter their size to make them large enough to cover his entire body. He
    is also able to hold up a hand behind his skull shield, strengthening
    it's defensive capabilities and serving as a backup defense for if it
    is breached.
  • Hand hole: He is able to open a void in his hand which
    is able to swallow energy blasts. As he demonstrates this ability while
    wielding Spirit in the other hand, and not in the original battle, it
    may be that he requires a weapon partner to do this, or adequate
    preparation for the blast to open it, which he was not able to do when
    caught by surprise by Asura's first attack.

Combination Techniques

  • Kishin Hunter: He can perform this with Spirit.
  • Sniping: He demonstrated the ability to fire a sniper
    bullet so powerful it could destroy a massive turret, compared to when
    Sid shot it and it could not even obliterate Mosquito.
  • Death City: As he has linked his soul to the city, he shares a special bond with it which he can manifest in special ways.
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