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 Sasuke Uchiha

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Sasuke Uchiha   Пон Май 31, 2010 12:12 am

Sasuke Uchiha (うちはサスケ, Uchiha Sasuke) is a main character in the series and anime, Naruto. Although he starts off as one of the protagonists, as the story progresses, he becomes one of the series' most dynamic major antagonists. Sasuke is a missing-nin from Konohagakure, and is an international criminal.



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Sasuke as a young child.

Being the youngest son of Konoha Military Police Force captain and Uchiha clan head Fugaku Uchiha, Sasuke grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. Itachi was an acknowledged prodigy who was viewed by the Uchiha clan as a genius, and whose work would further strengthen the bonds between the village and the clan. Sasuke's father in particular took an active interest in Itachi. Itachi, on the other hand, was rather ambivalent and full of oddly conflicting undercurrents, acknowledging Sasuke by taking interest in his progress as a ninja when even their father did not, but spending little quality time with Sasuke. Even after Sasuke enrolled in the Ninja Academy, he was still unable to escape Itachi's shadow. Despite consistently scoring at the top of every class, Sasuke failed to receive any recognition from his father, who defined Sasuke's success only in terms of his older brother. Itachi acknowledged the rivalry Sasuke felt, telling him, "We are brothers. I am the wall you must climb over, so you and I will continue to exist together."
Itachi's relationship with his father deteriorated further after Itachi was questioned by other members of the Uchiha clan regarding the apparent suicide of his best friend, Shisui. As Itachi's behavior became increasingly bizarre, Sasuke's father began spending more time with Sasuke, and began teaching him the Great Fireball Technique, a common family jutsu seen as a sign of coming of age in the Uchiha clan. After only one week of training, Sasuke (age 7 at the time) performed the jutsu in front of his father, proving himself a genius as well in his own right and finally receiving his father's recognition. Sasuke's father told him that he could now proudly wear the clan's emblem on his back. Following this, Sasuke also received a stern warning not to follow in Itachi's footsteps.
Shortly thereafter, Itachi massacred every member of the Uchiha clan, sparing only Sasuke, saying that he was not even worth killing. In addition, Itachi told him, "You've always wanted to surpass me. That's why I'm going to let you live... if you wish to kill me, then hate me, despise me... and by all means flee, cling to your wretched life." Itachi also revealed to Sasuke where the secret meeting place of the Uchiha was hidden, and suggested that Sasuke go there to learn what the true history and purpose of the Sharingan was. He told him that "To awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan, that he had to kill the person he was closest to", and that "When we battle, we should have the same eyes". Sasuke thought he had fainted after this, but later remembered that he had managed to stand back up, awaken his Sharingan, and pursue Itachi. Upon reaching Itachi, he managed to knock off his forehead protector. Itachi was seen shedding a tear as he was picking up the forehead protector. He then proceeded to incapacitate Sasuke, who awoke in the hospital remembering only that which Itachi wanted him to.

When he was a child, he used to be a very kind boy, loving towards his parents and brother, and respectful to his clansmen and teachers. He was even very proud to being Itachi's brother and Fugaku's son, famous for being devoted protectors of Konoha, and he always desired to emulate them. After Itachi massacred the clan, Sasuke's ideals and personality changed, becoming cold, lonely, cynical, and with the next eight years of his life devoted to kill Itachi.
When first introduced to Team Kakashi, Sasuke displayed great indifference to his teammates. Feeling superior to all of them, including his teacher, Sasuke was unwilling to cooperate with Naruto Uzumaki or Sakura Haruno, as he felt they would provide him no aid in killing Itachi. However overtime, as he spent more time with his team, Sasuke began to lose some of his anger, caring more about his team than his revenge. To help push him back into his desire for power Orochimaru branded Sasuke with the Cursed Seal of Heaven during the Chūnin Exams to give him a taste of power. Although Kakashi Hatake sealed the Cursed Seal, Sasuke began to draw more power from it in the hopes of getting stronger.
According to Kakashi, Sasuke has both a superiority and inferiority complex, as he is unwilling to acknowledge when someone is stronger than him, but obsesses when he believes someone is stronger than him. For example, he was complacent with his rivalry with Naruto when he believed he was stronger, but when he noticed Naruto's fast growth, coupled with his defeat of Sunagakure's jinchūrikiGaara where Sasuke was beaten, and his quick defeat by Itachi on his return to Konoha led Sasuke to believe that his progression at Konoha was far too slow, which lead to his defection to Otogakure. Upon defected from the village, Sasuke left with the Sound Four and traveled to the Land of Sound, only to lose the entire Sound Four to the Sasuke Retrieval Team and face Naruto alone at the Valley of the End, where Naruto attempted to save him from his path of revenge. Sasuke in turn planned to kill Naruto, his closest friend, to awaken his Mangekyō Sharingan but upon his victory chose against it, instead vowing to beat Itachi his own way.
In Part II, Sasuke's personality remained largely the same, although his revenge against Itachi took precedence above all else, including his own life. He also claimed to have cut all ties to his life in Konohagakure, believing that they were the cause of his weakness, going as far as attempting to kill Naruto, whom he spared in their previous battle, to prove how detached he was. However when he felt he had grown stronger than Orochimaru, he saw sacrificing his body to someone weaker than him was insulting to the Uchiha, and proceeded to battle and absorb Orochimaru's conscience when the latter attempted to steal his body. Despite this, Sasuke seemed unwilling to needlessly kill in his quest for revenge,[4] and later when battling Killer Bee and the Eight-Tailed Giant Ox, Sasuke remembered Team Kakashi after witnessing his own team Taka each sacrificing themselves to help him.
Sasuke's personality change.

After his battle with Itachi, followed by his death and the revelation that Itachi was ordered by the Konoha Elders to kill the Uchiha clan and that Itachi truly loved him, Sasuke vowed to destroy Konoha to the last child for sacrificing Itachi and the Uchiha clan for their own happiness. Although at first still holding onto the notion of friendship and sparing the innocent, as time passes on with this new path of revenge, Sasuke had grown much crueler and more ruthless, killing anyone who stood in his way, sacrificing his own team to accomplish his goals and attempting to kill his former teammates and teacher, experiencing neither shame, guilt, nor remorse for his actions. He had also shown great rage when someone speaks of Itachi in a negative way, crushing Danzō with his Susanoo for speaking ill of his brother. He now even sees killing members of Konoha as a high, and vowing to kill everyone in the village to finally separate any connection of the Uchiha clan from the village and in doing so purify the name. At this stage it is clear that Sasuke has hit rock bottom with his hatred, leading Sakura and Kakashi to lose all hope in him, and even Karin, despite being obsessed with him, has given up being with him. The only person still having some faith in him is Naruto. Sasuke, in turn, abandoned his refusal to transplant Itachi's eyes into himself, in the hopes of destroying all that Naruto stands for with his full power.
Also, for his entire life, despite being popular towards females due to being handsome and cool, Sasuke showed absolutely no interest in any of these women, nor their advances, due to his only desire being for revenge and power. Such girls include Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, Karin, and even the Fifth Mizukage. Even when Sakura's childish crush turned to sincere affection, Sasuke still did not return the feelings, though before he left the village, he gave Sakura a genuine thank you. His disinterest in these women can turn to murderous violence, expressed during his fight with Danzō, where he stabs Karin, and during his fight with Team Kakashi, where he attempts to kill Sakura.

Sasuke in his second stage Chūnin Exams outfit.

Sasuke has black hair with a blue tint, which lengthens as the story progresses, and onyx eyes. He has lighter skin than his older brother, Itachi, had. Like many other members of his clan, his hair hangs over both sides of his face to roughly frame his cheeks. A recurring theme in Sasuke’s appearance is that he is considered quite handsome by almost all girls near his age. At the beginning of Part I, Sasuke's clothing consisted of a blue, short-sleeved shirt with a raised collar and the Uchiha crest on the back, and white shorts.
In the last stage of the Chūnin Exams, he wore a black, one-pieced version of this outfit with many small arm-belts adorning his left arm, but eventually went back to his original clothes, due to the creators having a difficult time drawing this version on a regular basis. As the story progressed the Uchiha symbol became smaller and smaller.
Initially, Sasuke wore a short blue-colored headband with the Konoha symbol on the metallic plate. After suffering a second defeat from Itachi, Sasuke stopped wearing it for a time. He put it back on during the latter half of the battle with Naruto at the Valley of the End, only to let it drop off at the end. After that, Sasuke hasn't worn a headband again.
In Part II, Sasuke has grown noticeably taller over the two and a half years and more muscular. He was first shown wearing a white long-sleeved shirt which was open at the torso, with a smaller version of the Uchiha crest on his collar. He wore black pants with a blue cloth hanging from halfway up his stomach to his knees. He also wore a purple rope around his waist, tied in a bow. After battling Deidara, he switched to a sleeveless dark gray shirt. His arm guards were also removed, and he started wearing bandages on his wrists, under which are seals where he stores shurikens. He also wore a cloak with this.
After he encountered and battled Itachi, he reverted to a gray shirt with a raised collar which was unzipped halfway down his chest, similar to the one he wore at the start of Part II, but with shorter sleeves. He also wears blue wrist warmers. He briefly wore an Akatsuki cloak along with this. Another noticeable trait is that, along with this new outfit, Sasuke began letting his hair hang over his eyes.

Sasuke's dark chakra and aura manifested as Susanoo.

Sasuke is established as a genius, even by the battle-excelling Uchiha clan's standards at the series' start, excelling at all that he does and finding little difficulty in more challenging tasks. Scoring the highest in the performance tests and one of the highest in written tests, he easily graduated at the top of his class in the Academy. His prowess with Uchiha Fire Release and weapon-based techniques surprised Kakashi during their first training session. Madara, Itachi, and Orochimaru have all stated that Sasuke possesses the unique potential to become much stronger than Itachi[5] and the latter even saying that Sasuke is stronger than he was at the same age, when he was training Sasuke in Part II of the story.[6]. Madara has also stated to Zetsu that in time, Sasuke could become more powerful than Nagato. [7]
By Part II, he develops much of his potential and becomes a very powerful ninja, strong enough to fight evenly against and defeat ninja like Orochimaru, Deidara, Itachi and Danzō. Admittedly, in his battle against Orochimaru, Sasuke downplays his victory, and attributes it to Orochimaru's sickly state.[8]. According to Madara, Itachi had already determined the outcome of their fight, and was sick as he was using medicine to prolong his life. After receiving his Mangekyō Sharingan, Sasuke proved capable of holding his own against at least two Kage and their bodyguards, before being weakened to the point of exhaustion due to his battle with the other Kage and their bodyguards.
It can also be assumed that Sasuke has a fairly high amount of chakra, since he was able to summon Manda in a weakened state with Manda being a high level summon. When Sasuke first arrived at the Land of Sound and gave Kabuto a glare that frightened the latter, Orochimaru noted Sasuke's exceptional chakra. The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox notes that Sasuke has the same foul chakra as Madara. Karin has noted that Sasuke's chakra has gotten darker and colder than ever, more so than the corrupting influence of the Cursed Seal of Heaven.
Combat Skills

Sasuke does the finishing end for the Lion Combo

Although Sasuke has been skilled with taijutsu since the start of the series, his skills improved drastically after his encounter with Rock Lee. Not only did he emulate Lee for moves like his Lion Combo, but, by copying Lee's speed, he was also able to effectively use the Chidori. His fighting style in Part II mainly relies on his speed and the new addition of his chokuto, to which he has demonstrated masterful swordsmanship. During his time with Orochimaru, Sasuke's already impressive speed saw a huge leap, allowing him to move huge distances in the blink of an eye as if teleportation. He also greatly increased his speed at making hand seals, being able to do many in a blur and launch an enormous amount of weapons just as quickly, as seen during his fight with Itachi. His physical improvements are so great that Sakura even suspected that he had been given drugs to improve his physical capabilities. His increase in skill allowed him to easily defeat, without killing, hundreds of Sound ninja in a single battle without sustaining so much as a scratch to himself.
During fights, he easily observes his opponent and accurately sees through their abilities without losing his calm state, then he correctly chooses the most effective means and ninjutsu to counter them. Also, his resolution enables him to pick strategies in which he requires getting hurt in order to defeat the enemy, thereby showing tremendous endurance and willpower. In the second Shippūden movie, Sasuke demonstrated tremendous knowledge in regards to human physiology, as displayed by his ability to affect a person's chakra network. He was able to attack and block the chakra points, rendering the target unable to mold chakra without serious repercussions. In the Naruto Databook, it was said that Sasuke deduces a jutsu's elemental property from the seals performed by its user, as he shows in his battle against Deidara. He is then able to determine the attack's range from the color of the chakra.
Cursed Seal

The Cursed Seal of Heaven.

An important aspect of Sasuke's growth as a shinobi in Part I was his acquisition of the Cursed Seal of Heaven. Orochimaru, recognizing his potential, bestowed the seal on him as a gift in order to grant him greater strength, and to entice him to seek Orochimaru for further power. Initially, Sasuke suppressed the seal on Kakashi's advice, but, later on, his frustration with his inadequate strength forced him to rely upon its power in battles. When activated, the Cursed Seal granted him enhanced speed, strength, durability and chakra. However, it corrupted both his body and his mind, giving him a darker personality and making him vulnerable to Orochimaru's influence.
After defecting from Konoha, with the help of the Sound Four, Sasuke advanced his Cursed Seal to Level Two, allowing it to cover his entire body. This granted him power comparable to Naruto's one-tailed form. The second level of the Cursed Seal turned Sasuke's skin dark gray, his eyes yellow, lengthened his hair without losing its style, blue venom lipstick seemed to appear on his lips, and gave him hand-shaped wings on his back that gave him the ability to glide and momentarily hover. In this form, not only were his physical attributes increased, but his techniques were also enhanced by the Cursed Seal's dark chakra. However, this form corroded his body at a much faster rate, so he couldn't use it for prolonged periods. In Part II, Sasuke gained complete control and mastery over the Cursed Seal, and could even access its power without fully activating it. He also greatly extended the time he could stay in the Cursed Seal Level Two form. Since Itachi sealed Orochimaru, the Cursed Seal was removed from him.
Summoning Technique

Sasuke's Hawk summoning.

Orochimaru gave Sasuke the contract to use the Summoning Technique for snakes such as Manda. Sasuke can also use Snake Authority Spell to summon snakes from his hands to attack or bind opponents. After absorbing Orochimaru, Sasuke gained access to Orochimaru's regenerative powers that allowed him to heal at a much faster rate than usual. He was also able to summon snakes from any part of his body, and could use Orochimaru's Oral Rebirth Technique to shed his skin, thus repairing any damage to his body. After Itachi sealed Orochimaru away, his Cursed Seal was removed, and it is implied he also lost these additional powers.
Sasuke has not used any snake techniques since that battle with Itachi, even against Killer Bee, raising doubts as to whether he even had the snake contract (a fact that was never confirmed in the manga). It should be noted that the tattoo on his left arm, which he used for summoning snakes vanished after the fight with Itachi, implying that he lost this ability with Orochimaru's removal. It is then likely that all his snake techniques were a result of absorbing Orochimaru. To symbolize his ascension from snakes (i.e. Orochimaru's power) he changed his team's name from Hebi (snake) to Taka (hawk). During his fight with Danzō it is revealed that his animal-oriented techniques have also changed to a hawk as shown from his summoning contract with hawks that he can use to fly around on. It is unknown when he made a contract with them.
Nature Transformation

Sasuke using Kirin.



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Sasuke Uchiha
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